Terrorism and The Government


Terrorism is a vast topic to be debated on. And for those in South Asia, it is a regular scenario. They see terrorism quite often. People getting abducted, executed and tortured. As Small Scale Incidences don’t reach the world so easily. The Peshawar attack, Mumbai 9/11, Gujarat Attacks, Samjhauta Express Attacks and the list never ends. But what we see is a one-sided world. A side of world where people’s belief is well faked, the world where citizens are nothing but the product of what the government has created.

If There is an Al-qaeda, LTTE and other extremist forces existing in the world, isn’t it because of some reason? isn’t there any reason for such a big group to be aligned in a single direction? Yes, and according to the people in power, they are anti-social, destruction seeking people who run like dogs just to taste the power of authority and rule over this world.

Of course, I am not supporting terrorism. But to Eradicate it, We need to bring down those people in power, the government! The group of people who can do anything to remain in power. Who can paint the right seekers into offenders.

Yes, I sound Lunatic! Because the reader’s nature is tuned by this organized System. Power is Overwhelming Nature!

Terrorist are known as the group of people who attack and kill innocent citizens and spread fear and darkness among the society. But Remember; “Jab Do Haathi Ladte Hain, To Aas Paas Ki Ghaas hi Kuchli Jaati hain”. When two bodies fight, Humanity goes in trash bin. Those People in power only think- how not to lose power. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Bombarded by the Americans, more than a million people died – Weren’t the Americans a terrorist force at the time? This Terrorism is nothing but a war between, those group of extremists named as terrorists and those people in power, named as government. Those extremists are powerless and survive on Guns and Arms, they are well painted by the government as anti-social, destruction seeking people who run like dogs just to taste the power of authority and rule over this world. And the Government stands tall like A Superhero, A Savior, Servicing Humanity, Legitimate, Well-wisher, A Guardian, The Truth and everything. Those Who try to Compete them in a justified way are again suppressed down to earth.

Well, India is a Great Example for Such a Scenario. Prime minister of India is so powerful at the moment that no one can even push him an inch from his position. His Plans for India are allowed to be very non-analytic and irrelevant. His Vision for India ar allowed to be deadly. His history can also comprise being a murderer, Extortionist, and an Illiterate. He is allowed Spend A million Dollar on a Suit which embeds his own name “Narendra Damodar Modi” in Gold and meanwhile in the slums millions of people are homeless and in search for one time food . He can Spend hundreds of million rupees on an election campaign. He can Spread the Terror among the Muslim Indians. He can be Bias….He is allowed to be a terrorist as long as he is in power. And as long as he is in power, he can take up the dirtiest existing methods to market himself and leave his citizens with no option but to vote him. This is Gross! will people really allow any ruler to be like this?!! Smaller Parties having a real view of doing something good for the nation, who know the reality of the existing government have no option but to fight till they die. People are well brainwashed that they will be against me after reading this article.

In India, no Party exists without a level of corruption in it. Nothing Related to Politics is 100% Legit. “From Somewhere Something Goes into Someones Pocket For Sure”.

Not Only in India, It Happens in almost in every nation, If Today there is a group of Extremists & Terrorists, Its all because of this Organized Government. Its because of this uncanny division of power, there are forces against the nature. There were people who got affected by the system, nobody ever heard their need! They got exploited and ruined! Millions of people lived, rotten and died in hell, because of this government. Politics is the dirtiest human creation that no one should ever get into and no one should ever follow. But this is what rules the world.

Call it my prophecy: if the same scenario exists and is left unaffected, may be a century later from now, if the world wants to get into the direction of goodness, One day people will come together and throw away their governments, and then again the world will be ruling on the power of art and culture.

This is the power of expression and the exposure to reality. The Power of Truth.